About Me

Hi, My name is Mark Ferguson and before I started my Internet Marketing journey, I was working as a successful software engineer with Amazon Inc.

But the itch to work for myself kept bugging me and after a considerable length of time pondering over whether I should quit my job, I finally took a leap of faith and got into Internet Marketing full time. With a little savings, I was able to tide over for a couple of months but when I first started out in 2011, there were not much information to work with. I had to dig real deep for whatever little information I could find and use them, not knowing whether they would work or not. Needless to say, I faltered badly in the first 6 months in my journey. Just as I was about to give up, I attended a seminar by an Internet Marketing teacher who was not well known and low profiled.

But what he taught me during that seminar planted the seed for my successful internet marketing venture and fast forward today, I am doing what I love most and still enjoying the journey.

What I learned most during my journey is that you need to have the correct information if you want to do something right. If you use the wrong information, you will end up wasting time, energy and money realizing too late that what you are pursuing does not work. This demotivates you and eventually, you give up.

As such, on my website, I am providing you with high quality, time tested information and training that you can use to start your internet marketing journey and start to make money online. I certainly wish that these information were made available to me when I first started out. I encourage you to read them thoroughly and take massive action. You will not be dissapointed.