I actually rewrote this sales page 3 times. The first two was really great world class sales pages that typical copywriting guru swears by. It has all the fancy bells and whistle, sophicticated jargon and the likes of it.

But after a long and hard thought over a few days, I decided AGAINST using those world class sales copy.


I thought to myself… “My potential buyers that I am trying to help DOES NOT need all those fancy talk and jargon.

Instead, they need someone who can show them what the opportunity is, what are the facts and possibilities and how they can benefit from it in a clear, sincere and straight forward way. No beating around the bush, no fancy talk, no fake screenshots, no big promises but a clear and concise proposal that will bring success to anyone who is interested to follow.

So here it is. My simple sales letter that presents my product and service in the most simplest and genuine form that has only one intention. To help you succeed.


What is Smart Digital Agency Pro?

Smart Digital Agency Pro is my advance training that shows you how to start and run your own digital agency quickly and landing your first client.

When you come on board Smart Digital Agency Pro, I am going to lay it all out to you, no holds barred. You will learn my personal advance secret techniques and methods of effectively landing clients successfully.

If you are truly serious in building a digital web agency without jumping through hoops, this is FOR YOU

With my private training, land just ONE client per month and you will be in 4 figures territory and it is simple to do it!

Yes, designing websites and selling related services is still a BOOMING business. More new businesses are incorporated daily and many existing businesses have websites that looked like they were made in the 80’s and in desprate need of a fresh makeover.


Starting a digital web agency can be a tricky thing IF you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t know where to start and it can be time consuming.

And after you have finished designing your agency website, you faced another BIG hurdle…

You don't know where and how to get clients!

So you abandon the idea and moved on to something else and in the menatime, you just lost a great opportunity 


With my training, you eliminate all these problems and after you have finished the course, you will know EXACTLY where and how to get clients. You will master how to run your digital agency efficiently and to scale it to 5 or even 6 figures per month.

This is a complete and total solution. You don’t need anything else

Here’s What You Will Get When You join Smart Digital Agency Pro

  • Advance training in setting up and operating your smart digital agency and to scale it up to 5 or 6 figures
  • Where and how to look for clients using my personal secret methods and techniques. This is very effective
  • The software that I used to get clients. You will be given exclusive access to it.
  • Special ingredients that I employ to maximise client closure rate
  • How to choose the right business that has the potential to become your clients
  • Our recommended business niche to work with
  • Multiple effective techniques to approach these potential clients
  • Exact templates that I used to land clients
  • Stealth semi auto method to reach out to clients ( not many people know this technique )
  • Get targeted customers from Facebook without spending a dime (I got many clients using this method and they were all targeted). I also bet no one is teaching this and you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Using a little known traffic source to land clients easily
  • Live SKYPE support
  • And much more…

“All my client landing techniques and methods are TOTALLY FREE”

But Wait...Free Bonus For Early Birds!

To help you jump start your digital agency business, I will personally setup your OWN Smart Digital Agency website with all the bells and whistle. Not only that, you will also enjoy 12 months of Domain registration and hosting for free!

With this website, you do not have to worry about domain name, hosting, design, services to offer, prices to charge and other things. All will be taken care of and you can profit immediately after the website is done.

Here's What You Will get With Your Free Bonus

  • A complete and ready Done For You (DFY) CUSTOMIZED Web Agency Business website to jump start your business. Everyone gets a DIFFERENT design.
  • Branded Domain
  • Hosting with your own Cpanel for 12 months
  • Secret Ingredient on your website that will land clients easily (No one is teaching this)

Just imagine. One paying client in your first 30 days would have paid for this DFY Smart Digital Agency Pro many times over. And with my private training course you will land more and more clients in the months to come refining your techniques to suit your style as you go along. The ball is in your court and it’s up to you to take action.

“How Much Will It Costs You To Join Smart Digital Agency Pro?

If you consider the value of the advance training that I am giving, the DFY Smart Digital Agency Pro website and also my personal support in landing 4 figure clients, paying $997 or more is a no-brainer decision…

But, today you don’t need to pay anywhere near that…

For a very limited time, you can get access to Smart Digital Agency Pro for only $997 $297But get in early because this offer will not last long, because as soon as all the spots are filled up, I will take this down immediately.

Don’t miss out on this super low price because if you come back tomorrow, it may be gone


Don’t Procrastinate And Don’t Wait. This is your ONLY opportunity to learn how to jumpstart your digital agency and make 4-5 figures per month!


Q. I am a complete newbie. Can I still benefit from joining Smart Digital Agency Pro?

A. A resounding yes! In Smart Digital Agency Pro, we give you EVERYTHING to start successfully. Apart from the DFY website, we will guide you with step by step instructions on how to land clients through my advance training. No special or technical skills are required. I provide you with all the technical support that you require after you land the clients.

Q. Any investment required other than the price of this training?

A. No… ZERO… ALL our client landing methods are FREE. We also have paid marketing but it is NOT REQUIRED and not encouraged.

Q. How much money can I make from this?

A. It is not easy to tell you how much you will make and we cannot make promises as we do not know your work effort. BUT if you seriously follow this system, you can easily land your first 4 figure client in the next 30 days and more consistently. To make $5k or more per month is a REALISTIC figure and again it depends on your efforts.

Q. Do you teach me how to land clients?

A. Off course! Apart from the DFY website, landing clients is the core of Smart Digital Agency Pro. I will cover all the secret marketing methods to land clients so that you can successfully land your first client in the next 30 days.

Q. How much time do I need to spend on this business?

A. I will be lying if I tell you 20 minutes per day is enough to make thousand of dollars. Real business does not work this way. Having said that, spending an hour or 2 per day is enough to get you going.

Q. Why are you charging this low for this training? I have seen similar training going for 10x the price.

A. This is a special price ONLY for Warriors. The price will revert back to $997 after all the spots are filled.

Q. Can I do this from anywhere?

A. Of course! This business is location free. You can conduct this business from anywhere. As long as you have access to a computer and internet access, you are good to go.

Q. How long does it take for you to deliver my complete DFY Smart Digital Agency Pro website?

A. It takes 7 days from the day of domain confirmation for delivery

Q. Do you offer Refunds?

A. Yes! We are committed to ensure that you will recieve your DFY website and training on time. If for any reason, we are unable to do that, we will provide you with a FULL No Questions Asked Refund within 30 days.

This window of opportunity will be closing soon. Take action now and and secure your spot while it is still available