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I know what it’s like to be in this situation as I was in exactly the same spot not too long ago. I was struggling to get traffic and visitors to visit my website and affiliate offers and those that came were not targeted visitors and would never buy from me. I always thought to myself… if only there were other reliable traffic sources that I can consistently tap on to bring in hordes of visitors.


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Q: Are these traffic sources paid or Free?

A: These are all free traffic source that has tons of visitors monthly where you can tap into. You can put your own website links and affiliate offers in them and some have do follow backlinks.

Q: What offers or niche do these work with?

A: Any niche or offers work well, some wider and some more niche specific

Q: Can I link direct to my affiliate offers?

A: I still don’t not understand why anyone would want to do that. Although you can link directly to your offers, don’t you think getting the visitors to your optin page is a better way so that you can market to them endlessly later through Email?

Q: Is it newbie friendly?

A: It certainly is. If you can write a few sentences, you are on your way to get more traffic!